Metrics and Graphs - Tracker

Transform your daily routines into powerful visualizations

Metrics and Graphs is your ultimate journal that can help you Record, Track, Monitor, Combine, Extract statistics and Analyse your measurements about health, finances, gardening, activities and any metric, event or daily routine that comes to your mind!

Efficiently monitor your data, goals and habits, organize everything in one place and stay on top of your data with ease.

πŸ“Š Graphs & Charts
Metrics and Graphs enables you to transform your data into powerful and informative visualizations that make it easy to understand your progress and identify patterns.
Use filters, group your data and view your progress in dynamic graphs, charts, histograms and other types of visualizations. Gain valuable insights into your behavior and make informed decisions.

Create visually appealing and informative graphs and charts with Metrics and Graphs, such as:
- Line Charts
- Bar Charts
- Histograms
- Pie Charts

πŸ“ˆ Statistics, Data Analysis and Visualization Features
Our app covers a wide range of statistics, data analysis and features, including:
- Frequency
- Probability
- Longest streak
- Shortest streak
- Timeline
- X-Axis statistics like Average/Max/Min duration
- Accumulate
- Difference
- And much more!

βš™οΈ Presets
Our app offers a large collection of metric presets that can help you quickly create and track metrics about Mood, Gardening, Work, Health, Activities and many more.
Additionally, metric presets can provide inspiration for new ideas that fit your needs, making it even easier to monitor your progress.

πŸ’Ύ Save/Restore
Keep your data safe and accessible at all times.
You can manually Save\Restore\Sync\Delete your data between any Android device and our Google Firebase server.
Your data will be encrypted during transmission and storage.

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Hedgehog - Password manager for Android

Store personal info
Hedgehog will keep all your credentials, credit cards or even notes secure and ready for use.

Master Password
The only password you'll need to remember. It will be encrypted upon creation and it will be part of the key that will encrypt your data.

AES‑256 encryption
All your data will be stored encrypted locally on your device. We use the world's most advanced encryption algorithm that would take billions of years to break using current computing technology.

Two-Factor Encryption (2FE) key
The key that will encrypt your data will be created by two independent pieces of code provide extra protection for your data: your Master Password and a uniquely generated security code.

Zero-Knowledge system
Hedgehog is based on a Zero-Knowledge system which means that we know nothing about the data you store on your mobile or on our server.

Save, Restore or Sync
Save, Restore or Sync your data between your Android device and our Google Firebase server. Please note that Hedgehog is using a Two-Factor Encryption (2FE) key which means that your data will travel encrypted and completely unreadable.

Offline functionality
Hedgehog can be used without network connectivity (including Wi-Fi). Of course, you will need an internet connection during the SaveRestoreSync operation.

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Sowing Calendar

Happy gardening!

A sow / harvest guide that will help you with your gardening throughout the year.
All the information you need in order to successfully grow the most popular vegetables in your region.

What people sow near me
Check what people sow near you and make the correct decision about when to sow.

My Garden
Check the progress of your seedlings, keep a daily diary, photos, statistics and many more!

Add your plants
Add to index your own, fully customisable, plants and varieties.

Pests and Diseases
Find useful info about your plants' health and how to manage pests and diseases. Use P&D finder to identify any Pests & Diseases.

Set your own reminders and never miss a sowing/harvest or other actions again!

Change the initial sowing / harvest months according to your needs and keep personal notes for any vegetable.

Save/Restore/Sync data
Save/Restore or Sync your data between the app and the cloud.

Get weekly clickable notifications with important tips about your plants.

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Dashboard - Vehicle MOT & TAX check

Retrieve MOT, TAX, Mileage statistics and other valuable info about any vehicle (cars, motorcycles, vans, HGVs, buses etc.) by entering its registration number (plate number).

For quick and easy info retrieval, use our new number plate image recognition feature and get all the vehicle details just by taking (or selecting) a photo!

All content is available by DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) and DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

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